“If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.”
- Gordon A. Eadie
Over the years, we have built many products, some succeeded, while others failed miserably. Those experiences taught us a few things about what we stand for:


We used to work on one of our apps for months, but in the end, we scrapped it & started again from scratch because we felt what we had built wouldn’t work at all. There will be moments that you have to accept failures, move on, and restart. To do that, be fearless.


There are many features in our apps that make people go “Why would I ever use that?” the first time they saw it. We would stick to our guts, and those features would become the most beloved aspects of the apps. Building great products requires thinking out-of-the-box & doing things that no one has ever done before. Be ready to defend your ideas. 


We have over 600K users actively use Manga Rock daily. Once, our server went down for a few hours causing those few hundred thousands people to not able to read their manga. While our system guys were working on a fix, our entire team spent the whole night answering thousands of customer emails. Your team depends on you, your users depend on you. So be responsible and get ready to go the extra miles.


The product building journey is long & difficult, so one must have strong conviction to push through all obstacle along the way.

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We all come from different backgrounds with different sets of skills: a designer that can create beautiful wooden furnitures, a developer that can play beautiful classical guitar, or a business guy that can play wicked jazz piano. Contrary to popular belief, even with our diversity, we are one team with only one goal in mind: building great products.
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Our office represents what we believe: we are here to build great products together, there are no bosses, everyone sits/builds/eats/has fun together. Our office/second home has everything we need to do that: a pantry full of food & drinks free for the taking, catered lunch, gym, and tons of toys (drones, anyone?).

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